Become an Ambassador for Convers(ate)

As Convers(ate) reaches more and more people, we are partnering with individuals who are excited to be Ambassadors of the Convers(ate) experience.  

Ambassadors are passionate about conversation, and finding fun and innovative ways to introduce opportunities for learning and connection. They are interested in using the Convers(ate) model to gather people for conversations about a meaningful topic, and facilitate Convers(ate) with friends, family, professional teams, fellow students, community organizations, and more.

As the facilitator of a Convers(ate) gathering, Ambassadors lead by example and commit to being:

  • Curious - You’re interested in others’ stories and what has shaped their perspectives and viewpoints.

  • Open - You are committed to bringing an open mind to the table, which means letting go of judgment.

  • Compassionate - You’re welcoming and invite others to participate and share, while allowing each person to participate in the way they feel most comfortable.

  • Connectors - In many cases, Convers(ate) Ambassadors are connectors - they love to bring people together for shared experiences. If they aren’t the “hub” of activity in their networks, they’re tapped in to others who are.

You get to lead, with support.

You’re in control of the gathering, and can tailor the experience to the different groups you engage with. You choose the topics, the space and the attendees.

You’ll take your facilitation and question asking skills to the next level. The best way to further develop your skills, including your ability to embrace your curiosity, genuinely listen, and ask great questions is to practice. In addition to the Facilitation Pocket Guide which is included in each Convers(ate) set, you’ll also be supported with *optional* quarterly community calls, held via Zoom, which provide an opportunity to ask questions and engage with others who are developing their skills alongside you. During these calls you’ll have access to Convers(ate)’s creators, Mollie Khine and Taylor Buonocore Guthrie, who will answer your questions and share helpful tips directly with you.

You’ll build meaningful relationships. If you’re craving a way to engage more deeply with your colleagues, friends or others, Convers(ate) style gatherings provide just enough structure to create meaningful, impactful and memorable opportunities to do so.

How do Ambassadors support Convers(ate)’ mission?

Convers(ate) is on a mission to create opportunities for learning and connection in the world through authentic and meaningful conversations. Designed as a thought-provoking and fun experience, our goal is to create a meaningful shared experiences for attendees, where people feel engaged, curious and connected. We often hear feedback that people arrive as strangers and leave as friends.

Are you interested?