The idea for Convers(ate) blossomed from a dinner series, and we continue to facilitate bespoke events for businesses, non-profits, individuals and community organizations. Participants consistently say Convers(ate) gatherings are uniquely intimate gatherings that consistently spark meaningful conversation, new friendships, and knowledge sharing. 

Rather than chatting socially with the people sitting nearest you, participants take part in in a whole table conversation that is fun, thought-provoking and insightful. The purpose of the gathering is for each person to take away something new that they may not have known or considered coming in, and to create connections that last well beyond the shared meal.


Recent Gatherings

October 22, 2018

in partnership with Be Social Change

New York City

Topic: Networking for Introverts


October 18, 2018

in partnership with Scoochami

Chatham, NJ

Topic: Serendipity + Gratitude


Past Gatherings

Convers(ate) Partners

Apr 2018 | New York, NY

Reflections + Intentions

In partnership with Born Free Africa

Dec 2017 | Brooklyn, NY

Reflections + Intentions

In partnership with Rachel Arthur

Oct 2017 | Brooklyn, NY


In partnership with: Kickstarter

Oct 2017 | New York, NY

Networking as an Introvert

n partnership with: Be Social Change


Sept 2017 | New York, NY

What does meaningful work mean to you?

In partnership with: Be Social Change

July 2017 | Brooklyn, NY

Food + Story

In partnership with: The Brooklyn Foodworks

June 2017 | Brooklyn, NY

Engaging others on a specific global issue

A benefit dinner for: WE ARE ONE Malawi in partnership with: Whisk Me Away Cakes


May 2017 | Brooklyn, NY

What does a productive bipartisan discussion look like?

In partnership with: Brooklyn Grange Social Action Committee