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The Game


What are the 30 topics included in the set?

Family | Generosity | Failure | Marriage | Progress | Spirituality | Endurance | Survival | Beauty | Creativity | Birthdays | Joy | Wealth | Serendipity | Food | Parenthood | Knowledge | Home | Friendship | Bravery | Minimalism | Time | Community | Nature | Freedom | Gratitude | Impermanence | Differences | Travel | Work

How is Convers(ate) different from other conversation games out there?

Unlike other conversation games, Convers(ate) is designed to create a dynamic conversation - a dialogue and exchange - about a particular topic. The fun icebreaker and question sets for each Conversation Card explore the topic at hand from a variety of angles..The questions are not chosen at random from a deck, but instead designed as a set. The “facilitator” of the group uses specific techniques to introduce both intellectual questions and questions about personal experience.

How much time does it take to play?

As little as 30 minutes can get the conversation going, or you can sit and talk all night long! The instructions include several variations for play. Generally we allow between 1-3 hours to play Convers(ate), depending on the group.

Who should I play Convers(ate) with?

Convers(ate) can spice up the conversation at any gathering. It’s great for friends, family gatherings, and getting to know people outside of your usual social circles. The most important thing is that the people who play Convers(ate) are interested in having a conversation, listening and sharing their points of view. Engaging someone who is not open to this kind of experience can derail a group. Check out Convers(ate)’s ideas gallery for ways to play. There is also a sample invitation that you can use if you’d like!

Convers(ate) is inspired by the concept of a Jeffersonian Dinner...what is that?

A Jeffersonian Dinner is a dinner format said to be used by the second US President, Thomas Jefferson, who gathered thought leaders from across the region in his home to discuss important topics of the day - and importantly, to share knowledge and experiences. Rather than chatting socially with the people sitting nearest, attendees participate in a whole table conversation that is fun, thought-provoking and insightful around a particular theme. The purpose of the dinner event is for each person to take away something new that they may not have known or considered before, and to create connections that last well beyond the shared meal.

Does the game turn into a "therapy session"?

Convers(ate) elicits a lot of personal sharing, but that is not the sole focus of the game. Questions are designed to encourage a discussion about points of view and personal stories about the topic. Ultimately, it’s up to the facilitator to keep the conversation on track. Based on your specific group and the comfort level of the players at the table, you may choose to let the conversation get deep through sharing of personal stories or experiences, or you may want to bring it back to a more intellectual or light hearted discussion. We encourage the facilitator to skim the topics and discussion questions in advance and choose a topic that s/he thinks is best suited for the group. Feel free to skip questions along the way to keep the conversation flowing, or add in some of your own!

Where can I find additional Takeaway Cards?

We are glad to offer print-at-home Takeaway Cards to use when your set runs out. Download the printable file here.

Is Convers(ate)'s concept supported by research?

Research backs the Convers(ate) concept.

Yes! Research continues to demonstrate the importance of interpersonal connection and well being.

In her brand new book, The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker shares her research on the most effective ways to gather. She asserts that gatherings where there are opportunities to share points of view (and potentially disagree) often create the most genuine moments of connection.

A 75-year longitudinal study on happiness, the Harvard Study of Adult Development, affirmed that "it's the quality of your relationships that matters. Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period."

Technology has fostered amazing connections between people across the world. But in many cases, we are confusing connectivity with connection. Sherry Turkle's TED talk suggests that we "sacrifice conversation for mere connection." She asserts that conversation is a "bedrock" of our personal development.

In his book, Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships, Daniel Goleman investigates human biology and human connection. Research confirms that humans are hardwired for connection and that our relationships actually shape our biology. He writes, “Even our most routine encounters act as regulators in the brain, priming our emotions."

tell me about your design aesthetic!

We are proud to have conceptualized Convers(ate)’s design aesthetic ourselves, with the help of a talented graphic designer and artist who created our one-of-a-kind watercolor splash, Rebecca Pacewicz.


Orders + Shipping


How do you ship Convers(ate)?

We ship Convers(ate) via the US Postal Service within the United States and to select International destinations. If you are international and your country is not listed, please contact us directly at

Can I order multiple copies?

Absolutely! Please contact us directly to discuss orders for quantities greater than 10. For wholesale orders for a company, community organization, boutique or something else, please contact us directly at

A friend has the expansion do I get one too?

Our expansion pack was a special reward for our Kickstarter campaign supporters. The pack included topics like Self Awareness, Dreams and Annoyances. We will announce when it becomes available to the general public.  

We are exploring additional expansion packs. If you have any idea for a great topic, we'd love to hear from you.

Which stores carry Convers(ate)?

Currently, we are available in select stores in New York and New Jersey.

If you have a suggestion for a boutique that would like to carry Convers(ate) please contact