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Inside you'll find:

  • 30 Conversation Topics

  • 300+ Questions

  • Game rules and ideas for ways to play

  • Pocket guide with tips for asking questions and facilitating

  • Takeaway Cards for players to capture insights

Convers(ate)'s Conversation Cards each spark conversation about a universal topic using a unique set of question prompts. Play with your friends, family, coworkers or even new acquaintances to share stories and perspectives in a new way.

Topics include: Family, Generosity, Failure, Marriage, Progress, Spirituality, Endurance, Survival, Beauty, Creativity, Birthdays, Joy, Wealth, Serendipity, Food, Parenthood, Knowledge, Home, Friendship, Bravery, Minimalism, Time, Community, Nature, Freedom, Gratitude, Impermanence, Differences, Travel and Work.

Convers(ate) is the perfect addition to your home coffee table and is a thoughtful gift, as well. The perfect 'thank you' or a gift 'just because.' Use it with your community organization or in your workplace. Convers(ate) is designed to be enjoyed by everyone.


Uncommon Goods says:

We Need to Talk

We send texts, comment on social media posts, and make small talk every now and then. But when was the last time you had a deep conversation? Tackling topics beyond, "Some weather, huh?" can be tricky, but this set of thoughtful prompts is a fun way to get a meaningful dialogue flowing. 

Created by two new moms, Conversate was inspired by the Jeffersonian Dinner: A small dinner party where the host introduces a specific topic through an icebreaker question, then prompts detailed discussion. The game, which was tested at over 50 dinner parties, works the same way. (The Gratitude card, for example, breaks the ice with "What's something you'd like to remember about today?" and then gets a little deeper with "Is gratitude an ingredient for happiness?")

Once you've delved into topics like friendship, bravery, and food (just to name a few), everyone writes down their favorite takeaways from the experience. Whether you're at an actual dinner party, keeping a long road trip lively, or even "team bonding" with coworkers, you're sure to end the game a little closer to your cohorts than when you started. 


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