Product details

Inside you'll find:

  • 30 Conversation Topics
  • 300+ Questions
  • Game rules and ideas for ways to play
  • Pocket guide with tips for asking questions and facilitating
  • Takeaway Cards for players to keep insights from the game

Convers(ate)'s Conversation Cards each spark conversation about a universal topic using a unique set of question prompts. Play with your friends, family, coworkers or even new acquaintances to share stories and perspectives in a new way.

Topics include: Family, Generosity, Failure, Marriage, Progress, Spirituality, Endurance, Survival, Beauty, Creativity, Birthdays, Joy, Wealth, Serendipity, Food, Parenthood, Knowledge, Home, Friendship, Bravery, Minimalism, Time, Community, Nature, Freedom, Gratitude, Impermanence, Differences, Travel and Work.

Convers(ate) is the perfect addition to your home coffee table and is a thoughtful gift, as well. The perfect 'thank you' or a gift 'just because.' Use it with your community organization or in your workplace. Convers(ate) is designed to be enjoyed by everyone.


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New York

Colgate University Bookstore // Hamilton NY