A brief but meaningful conversation turned into a decade of friendship and the idea for Convers(ate).



Convers(ate) is the result of a brief but meaningful conversation. Over a decade ago, creators Taylor Buonocore Guthrie and Mollie Kinsman Khine met, and have been friends ever since.

Both passionate about the art of asking questions, building relationships and facilitating groups, we individually hosted over 40 conversation-focused events with 500+ participants around the world before joining forces to create Convers(ate). We believe in gathering with purpose and that something magic happens when we put our phones down, embrace our curiosity and share a conversation.

Convers(ate) launched on Kickstarter in October 2017. We exceeded our funding goal by more than double, thanks to backers across the world who believe in the power of meaningful conversation. 

We continue to facilitate a variety of events for businesses, community groups, non-profit organizations. Learn more here.



Mollie believes that asking better questions results in more interesting conversations and depth of connection. In her work as both a facilitator and certified coach, she has learned the science of empowering questions. In her former career, Mollie contributed her accounting skills as an auditor at PwC, and then as a relationship manager on Wall Street.

At home in Brooklyn, Mollie enjoys both hosting and attending dinner parties and riding her bike with her husband in Prospect Park. She is proud member of the community at Brooklyn Grange, as well as the StartingBloc family.


Taylor is on a mission to spread meaningful connection and learning in the world. Taylor has held a variety of roles around the world consulting on leadership and talent development across the private, non-profit and public sectors. Her experience spans North America, Africa and Asia.

She's an engaged member of several close knit communities, including her alma mater, Colgate University, and StartingBloc. At home in New Jersey, Taylor enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters and hosting gatherings of friends and family in their backyard. 

Watch our Kickstarter campaign video to learn more.

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