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Convers(ate) on Medium

Taylor + Mollie share perspectives on questions like: What is a Jeffersonian Dinner?

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Martha Stewart Weddings holiday gift guides 2018

Convers(ate) was selected for one of Martha Stewart Wedding’s Gift Guides for the 2018 holiday season! “It's the perfect post-dinner activity she'll break out party after every party.”


"4 Ways to get intentional conversation to flow" guest post on

Being a great host often means having a clean and comfortable home, pulling off a delicious meal, and keeping the wine flowing. But as any truly great host will tell you, it’s about much more than food and wine. What makes a dinner party one to truly cherish is the conversation and the experience of being at your table.


"The art of meaningful conversation" on Listen Money Matters Podcast

Small talk only gets you so far. If you want to improve your career, your relationships, and your life, you have to move past small talk to something deeper. Today we interview two experts on the art of meaningful conversation.



"Convers(ate) Dinners Offer at Seat at the Table for Everyone" in the BK reader

Community dinner events bring people from all walks of life together to share food and engage in the forgotten art of face-to-face conversation. 


"Making Meaningful Connections" column in colgate university maroon news

Have you ever had a brief or chance interaction that turned into a lasting relationship? Why do some connections end where they began, while others last for years? What helps transform a single interaction into a lasting relationship? These ideas fascinate me, and I’ve spent the past decade informally studying these questions. What I’ve experienced and observed is that the defining factor is meaningful connection. 


"How to bring the spirit of traveling into your ever day” on remote year

Like planning a great travel itinerary, you can plan ways to bring the spirit of travel into your every day. To tap into the curiosity, open mindedness, and eagerness that defines the travel experience. 


Kickstarter "Project We Love"

Convers(ate) was selected as a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter staff.

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Gather Geeks podcast

Convers(ate) was interviewed by David Adler in October 2018. Episode coming soon!