Private Facilitation

Facilitated conversations are an effective way to engage groups, whether your goal is to build relationships, gather feedback, tackle difficult subjects or develop the invaluable skill of asking questions. Participants consistently say Convers(ate) gatherings are uniquely intimate gatherings that achieve their objectives. Mollie and Taylor bring extensive experience facilitating conversation, grounded in professional backgrounds in management consulting, talent management and coaching.

We’ll work with you to clarify your goals and custom design a conversation-focused experience that will achieve your objectives.









If you are an experienced facilitator looking for additional support: Mollie + Taylor advise individuals and organizations that are seeking to utilize a the Jeffersonian Dinner model for conversation within their organization. If you’d like help selecting a compelling theme or topic, crafting a unique question set or preparing to facilitate a group, please contact us.



What you've done is make the tools for high-level facilitation accessible to more of the public and you're addressing a deeply needed skill. I'm really excited to share the webinar with many others and am quick to champion your work to other people.

Ian D. Tran, Principal Strategist, ISMOTION

Thank you again. It was VERY enjoyable and interesting to listen to everyone and how they think about this topic and also build off of each other. You really ran the dialogue well. You have the formula down pat, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

Whitaker Raymond, Leadership Coach, Lodestar Leadership

Hosting Convers(ate) was a really wonderful way to address topics that don’t necessarily come naturally during our day-to-day talk. We were able to truly be ourselves and talk about emotional or dare I say, uncomfortable conversation topics.

Liz, Host, Remote Year